Stretch ceilings in the kitchen

Easy to clean
Do not collect fat and fungus
Meets fire safety requirements
Completed projects
Stretch ceilings ceilings in the kitchen

Thoughtful designs of suspended ceilings ALTIOR harmoniously fit into any interior design of the bathroom.

  • Matte, perfectly smooth in a classic style.
  • Glossy, brilliant for elegant chic and visual increase in space.
  • Multilevel or illuminated ceilings in unique design solutions.


A professionally installed ceiling looks great and does not lose its ideal appearance for many years. Tension coating allows you to hide technical communications and irregularities.


Quality PVC film – environmentally friendly, does not collect condensate. It does not form mold and fungus. In addition, the stretch fabric can withstand up to 100 liters of water per m2, which will save the bathroom in case of flooding by neighbors from above.

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