Gapless stretch ceilings

Unique technology
Original design
In any type of room
(Русский) Бесщелевые натяжные системы

New, modern development in the world of stretch ceilings. It is aimed at improving the aesthetic appearance of the ceiling in detail.


When installing a ceiling with this system, the canvas fits snugly against the wall along the entire perimeter, and there are no gaps or gaps. In this case, there is no need for ceiling plinths, decorative inserts and plugs.


On the one hand, the technology is not striking, and the differences are not significant at first glance. But the very process of creating such a project is laborious and requires maximum accuracy from measurement and cutting, to installation, in contrast to the standard abutment with a plug.


Therefore, only qualified specialists and installers with professional equipment will be able to install perfectly flat gapless stretch ceilings.


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